Client Relationship Management

Client information at your fingertips

We make CRM easy to use for small businesses and large-scale enterprises

CRM doesn’t start and end with Sales and Marketing. Our integrated CRM platform, designed to enhance OfficeTech By JAVLN, enables you to manage all interactions with your customers and prospects, so your organisation can grow and succeed.

CRM Features

Fully integrated with our OfficeTech By JAVLN document management system – use one application to access all information

Integrated MS Office Templates

Full customisation wizard

Record business relationships and individual attributes

Email and Mail Merge capabilities with OfficeTech By JAVLN's Merge Manager

Policy record details and quoting tools to help win business

Enjoy More Time & Money For Taking Care Of Business

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    One central File location

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    Increased team Efficiency

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    Integrated CRM

Get the perfect client management partner
for OfficeTech By JAVLN

CRM Benefits

Manage all your Business relationships - clients, prospects, suppliers etc

Optimise your Business opportunities - track leads and assign activity

Full custom reporting - powerful reporting tool to extract and understand the information

Monitor performance and reward success

Fully compliant and with detailed audit trail