Sharing Files Made Simple & Secure

The eLetterBox file transfer system makes
exchanging files with clients simple and secure

Unlike basic common file sharing options, eLetterBox offers full audit trails, large file sizes, compliance and security.

Send files to Clients

Internet synchronisation
Email notification to client of uploaded file

Receive files from Clients

Copy files to eletterbox
Internet synchronisation
Email notification of uploaded file

eLetterBox Features

Security - files are encrypted.

Huge file sizes - transfer files up to 500GB

Unlimited - file uploads and downloads

Easy - upload files easily into OfficeTech

Seamless & secure send - right click send to an eLetterBox folder

Notifications - email notifications appear whenever a file is added or received

Admin Dashboard - manage the eLetterBox access for your clients

User access levels - ability to assign specific permissions to particular users

Simple for client - they just download an app, enter a password and are ready to go

No cost to client - you pay a licence fee enabling unlimited clients to be set up

Look professional - branded with your business logo