OfficeTech By JAVLN

A Paperless Future

OfficeTech By JAVLN is an intelligent, fully integrated software solution that coordinates your client and business documentation in one central location for all users to access.


Through an intuitive interface, OfficeTech By JAVLN offers an easy-to-use approach to the sharing, distribution and storage of your workplace documentation flow.

The result is a paperless environment that will not only change the way your office looks, but enhance its functionality and the productivity of your staff by measurable degrees.

OfficeTech By JAVLN features

allows your staff to capture, manage, publish and share documentation throughout its entire lifecycle.

enables desktop access to data stored in the one location.

scalable and grows as your business grows, without expensive upgrades.

customisable to meet the specific requirements of your business and industry, no matter how large or small.

integrates fully with Microsoft Office to minimise user training and enhance change management processes.

creates a true paperless environment, significantly reducing storage space and document handling costs.

offers a fool-proof search engine with full text based search options.

fast and cost-effective to implement, and comes with in-house training and ongoing customer support.

provides a disaster recovery solution ensuring your business continuity and reducing downtime.

includes a complete and compliant tasking module providing a full workflow solution and tracking system.

Australian-made with Australian-based technical support to understand and meet the demands of local business.


Enjoy More Time & Money For Taking Care Of Business

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    One central File location

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    Increased team Efficiency

  • intergrated-CRM-icon

    Integrated CRM

An integrated, intuitive, paperless
document management environment

OfficeTech By JAVLN benefits

increased productivity
+improved operational efficiency
=greater profitability

more affordable with seamless installation, and easier to administer and operate than competitor products.

cost-effective and user-friendly for fast ROI.

workflow tracking for better client service.

provides an environmentally-friendly paperless workplace

Implementation without interuption

OfficeTech By JAVLN is a fully customised application designed to suit your business. As such, implementation begins with a full consultation to understand and design your document management needs.

Once installed by our fully qualified and trained technicians, your staff members are trained in all aspects of OfficeTech By JAVLN with your desired outcomes as our implementation goal. As a total turnkey solution, OfficeTech By JAVLN comes with no hidden extras or expensive hardware upgrades.