Kate Fergeus

May 14 2021

Meet the team – Kate Fergeus
When did you join Technosoft? What were you doing beforehand? I started working for Technosoft Solutions in January ...
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Apr 4 2018

Steadfast Convention 7-10 April 2018
Technosoft Solutions will be exhibiting again at the 2018 Steadfast Convention in Melbourne. The Steadfast Convention is the ...
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Apr 3 2018

AIMS Conference Perth 15-18 April 2018
Straight after the Steadfast Convention, the Technosoft team head to Perth to exhibit at the AIMS Conference. This ...
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Jun 23 2015

Gearing up for CQIB 2015
Officetech is bringing its mission to help the insurance industry go paperless and resolve all document management headaches ...
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May 20 2015

Cameron Bott recommends Officetech
Cameron Bott, Director Network Insurance Group spoke about Officetech saying, “The Officetech team have engaged with our team ...
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May 15 2015

ePostBox makes exchanging files with clients safe, simple and secure
Officetech now has the ePostBox file transfer system to make exchanging files with clients simple and secure. Unlike ...
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Apr 16 2015

Integrated CRM capability comes to Officetech
Officetech’s latest enhancement adds a CRM capability that allows you to manage all your documents and prospects in ...
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Apr 15 2015

Officetech’s new app launched
Technosoft Solutions is excited to announce the launch of its new Officetech App. The App allows Officetech users ...
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Apr 14 2015

Gearing up for Steadfast
Officetech's mission is to help the insurance industry go paperless and resolve all your document management headaches. As ...
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