OfficeTechNow By JAVLN

True cloud-based document management

The serverless solution to all your document management and workflow needs

Your clients files and information at your fingertips

Take your business to the next level with a document management solution that is accessible from anywhere. Rich with features for document creation and control, workflow tools, and tasking options that give you functionality across your whole business.

Your organisation can grow and succeed with OfficeTechNow By JAVLN as your partner in business.

OfficeTechNow By JAVLN Features

Soon to be integrated with JAVLN

2 factor login control

MS 365 integration

Fully scalable web based solution

Users can access from anywhere

Template tasking and workflow availability

Configurable user access control

OfficeTechNow By JAVLN Benefits

Secure file storage hosted in Australian data centres

No “on-premise” server required

Unlimited file storage

Fully compliant and with full audit trail and disaster recovery

Experience the full benefits of the cloud by pairing OfficeTechNow with JAVLN, a cloud-based policy management solution