Automate your document inflow

With Scantech, the mundane daily tasks of scanning and filing individual standard documents are eliminated.

Scantech is the perfect partner for Officetech, offering fully automated scanning and filing software for businesses with paper-intensive processes.

Scantech keeps businesses moving by identifying documents and auto filing in a secure soft copy format to the correct client location in Officetech.

Scantech features

user-friendly interface and speedy functionality.

highly efficient and accurate for ensuring documents are filed to the correct client each time, every time.

utilises your existing client database - no need to manage multiple databases.

Services we offer you

Integrates with most accounting software packages.

scalable and grows as your business grows, without expensive upgrades

cost-effective to implement, and comes with inhouse training and ongoing customer support.

Enjoy More Time & Money For Taking Care Of Business

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    One central File location

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    Increased team Efficiency

  • intergrated-CRM-icon

    Integrated CRM

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    Mobile Application

Get the perfect partner for OfficeTech

ScanTech benefits - the bottom line

increased productivity
+improved operational efficiency
=greater profitability

more affordable with seamless installation, and easier to administer and operate than competitor products.

cost-effective and user-friendly for fast ROI.

increased staff satisfaction through automated processes relieving the stress and boredom of repetitive filing tasks.